The Boss 97 FM |  Country Music Radio for Summersville WV

With a hyper focus on Summersville, Fayetteville, Oak Hill and Beckley, WVBD-FM plays classic country, with a wide range of music spanning decades of the greatest music ever recorded. Plus, catch WVU Mountaineer Football and Basketball on 100.7 all season long!

Big Daddy 100.7's Classic Country Features:

Country Flashback A musical salute to one year (1950-1990), plus news clips & cultural events, weekdays at 1:20pm ET.

Nashville News Notes Music news of the day for classic country artists, weekdays at 2:15pm ET.

Country Happy Hour An hour of fun, up tempo favorites, a feel-good, end of the workday show, weekdays at 6pm ET.

Country Jukebox The coin drops & the needle drops on one vintage song that's rarely played, weekdays at 3:20am ET.